Two destinations serve Tafraout as follows:

Marrakech is located to the north of the High-Atlas, about 6 hours by car from Tafraout. There are frequent schedule flights from several UK airports, making it possible to get to and from Marrakech on most days of the week, throughout the year. It is possible to take public transport from Marrakech to Tafraoute via Agadir, but you can expect to lose at least a day in the process. For more info, please see our Getting There page in the Tafraout Travel Guide.

Agadir is the preferred destination, being just 2.5 hours driving time from Tafraout. A number of airlines run services from a variety of UK airports, though these are seasonal and typically only one or two flights per week. The following companies are often worth looking at:

Flight prices vary enormously, depending on time of year, demand, and which airlines are currently offering a service. In general, the best time to book Morocco flights is between 6 and 15 weeks in advance of your trip. Use the search feature below to search available flights...

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Flights from London Stansted to Agadir.

TUI  sometimes run seasonal flights from both London Gatwick and also Manchester.

EasyJet fly from Luton and Gatwick to Marrakech and Agadir, providing a reliable service that's often very good value. Sometimes services are also available from Liverpool.

If all else fails, then you can go on an adventure with Royal Air Maroc. They offer the best selection of flights, though many of them involve fun stopovers.

BA fly to Marrakech, and sometimes Agadir, from London Heathrow. If you can get a good deal then it's well worth it for the extra baggage allowance!

Looking for the cheapest dates to fly? Check out the SkyScanner page here: