Auberge lEscalade Tafraout

We haven't checked out this new hotel yet, but the place looks like a top spot for a climbing trip... check back later for more info...


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About this hotel

For enquires, please contact riadnour42@gmail.com or Tel: +212 660 954 269

Discounted Price:  TBA


  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Hot shower
  • Shared living room
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Well-equipped kitchen

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Having been exploring the Anti-Atlas for more than ten years now, we've built up many friendships in Tafraout and the surrounding area. 

We're keen to support the local economy through promoting tourism in the area, and as a result several hotels have been willing to offer reduced rates for climbers booking their accommodation through www.climb-tafraout.com

You can requestrooms directly with the hotel simply by completing the form opposite.

All of the hotels featured on this website have been personally checkout out and found to offer the kind of service, cleanliness, and security that we would be happy to recommend to our clients.

Please note that bookings made through this website will go directly to the relevant hotel, and are not handled directly by www.climb-tafraout.com. Whilst we are happy to assist if required, any follow-up communication regarding your booking is best made directly with the hotel.

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