The Tafraoute climbing season runs from mid-September to the end of April. Here's a summary of conditions each month:

September - Hot and dry. Nice conditions can be found on higher, north-facing crags. Watch out for snakes in the mountains.

October - Usually warm, but not too hot. Even during hotter periods there is plenty of shade on north-facing crags, and many of the north walls are moss-free at this time of year.

November - Pleasant temperatures, cool in the evenings. Rain is rare.

December & January - Frequently overcast, cool conditions with occasional showers, but rarely enough to prevent good climbing. The lower, south-facing crags usually provide very pleasant sunny craging.

February - Starting to warm up in the heat of the day, and heat-waves lasting several weeks are not uncommon. Storms sometimes develop which can cause flash-floods and make some areas inaccessible. Higher north-facing walls are often lichenous or mossy.

March - One of the best months for climbing. The threat of winter storms has usually passed, and temperatures in the sun are getting warm. Lots of wild flowers and greenery, thoughsome crags hold on to lichen and moss.

April - There's still plenty of winter greenery, but daytime temperatures are getting hot. Higher crags really come into their own, and it's often warm enough to enjoy sitting outside with a drink in the evenings! Snakes are starting to come out of hibernation, and are prevelant at the bases of gullies where the lasrt of the moisture lingers.